LP tracking and reminders

Easily track the status of completed and outstanding fund subscription documents, and send out reminders for items you are still waiting on.

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Smart investor questionnaire

Smart investor questionnaire

Guide limited partners through the fund subscription documents with questionnaires that update based on predetermined custom logic.

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Expedite the agreement process with the ability to automate signature blocks and pages for LPs.

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Investor questionnaire software
Guided fund management software

Guided workflows

Ensure LPs correctly complete their submission by uploading additional tax forms & documents to the executed subscription agreement.

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Batch invitation with customization

Send a fund subscription package to all of your limited partners without having to draft a separate email to each person.

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Suscription package management
Investor monitoring and analytics


Always know the status of your fund, how much you’ve raised, and how much each limited partner has committed to.

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Why GPs choose Anduin Fund Subscription

Accurate subscriptions

On average, 25 to 30% of submitted documents for investments are incorrect and considered “not-in-good-order” (NIGO). In some industries, NIGO rates can reach up to 80%.

Increase efficiency

The traditional manual subscription process takes weeks to process due to NIGO submissions, with every additional LP adding to this already arduous process.

Reduce legal costs

Our solution presents LPs with only the relevant fields as they progress through the form. This guided process drastically reduces the costly total hours spent between lawyers and LPs.

Better experience for LPs

Build a trusted relationship with your LPs right from the beginning by bringing clarity and efficiency into the fund subscription process.

Fund subscription management software for general and limited partners

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