Fund subscriptions made easy for fund managers and investors

Track investor engagement through actionable insights and streamline the subscription process from start to finish

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Fund subscription management software for fund managers and investors
Real-time metadata

Ensure high-quality engagement

Granular usage data allows you to closely track how investors engage with subscription forms. Manage your time more efficiently by focusing on the right people to follow-up with at the right time.

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Investor engagement
Streamlined solution

Fund subscriptions from end to end

At the core of our solution is a digital smart form, integrated with e-signature, document management, and tracking software. Our suite of tools allows fund managers to close faster and provides a single source of truth for fund subscriptions and special purpose vehicles (SPVs).

Streamlined fund subscriptions
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Guided workflow

Delight your investors

Our intuitive smart form filters irrelevant questions to expedite subscriptions. Intelligent logic saves costly back-and-forth while reducing the risk of “Not In Good Order” (NIGO) forms. Avoid repetitive data entry by pre-populating investor data from previously filled forms.

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Investor questionnaire tool
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How it works

We digitize your subscription agreements (also known as investor questionnaires) along with tax forms, so you can focus on distributing subscription packages and tracking how investors engage with your documents.


Anduin digitizes the form provided by counsel, creating an intelligent smart form.


We pre-populate the form with investor data from previous fundraises.


The fund manager invites investors to complete the smart form and sign the limited partner agreement.


The subscription package is countersigned and documents or data can be exported for the fund admin.

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Industry-grade security

Focus on your transactions

We focus on security, so you don’t have to. Anduin utilizes industry-grade security measures and is fully compliant with SOC2 confidentiality and privacy standards. You can be confident that your documents are safe.

Secure investor questionnaire
Fund subscription management software
Anduin Transaction Engine

Run your deal from start to finish

The Anduin Transaction Engine is a unique ecosystem of interconnected deal tools designed for private market transactions. Share documents, negotiate, and close deals efficiently on a single platform.

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What our clients have to say about us

We’ve been able to collect a lot of useful data to align the team and help us to stay on top of things. Setting up Anduin was really easy and my LP’s loved the online subscription experience. I can’t imagine going back to the old way now.

Dan Scholnick

Four Rivers Group

Anduin replaced the need for me to interview, hire and train a top-notch project manager, investor relations staff and paralegal. As a single GP fund, I’m pulled in many different directions. Having the Anduin team on my side made it incredibly easy for me to translate my existing LPA into an electronic form, which has decreased the turnaround time from my LP’s by more than 50%. The transparency I received into my closes made everything run much more smoothly and everyone, GP’s and LP’s, far happier. I plan on continuing to use Anduin for future fundraises and remain consistently impressed by the level of support and feature innovation I receive.

Joel Yarmon

Pipeline Capital

As both an LP and a GP, I hate PDF subscription docs. Anduin saves my team, our lawyers and our LPs loads of time. The collaboration and tracking features are a game-changer, and our LPs are so happy when we send them a link instead of a packet. I can’t imagine ever using hard docs again.

Jake Gibson

Better Tomorrow Ventures

Fund subscription management software for general and limited partners

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