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Traditional subscriptions are time-consuming, error-prone, and costly. Anduin’s paperless fund subscription provides digital forms, which can be completed in minutes, saving time, reducing costs, and providing a better experience for your LPs.
LP management

Features to power your fundraise

Why GPs choose Anduin FundSub

Accurate subscriptions

On average, 25 to 30% of submitted documents for investments are incorrect and considered “not-in-good-order” (NIGO). In some industries, NIGO rates can reach up to 80%.

Increase efficiency

The traditional manual subscription process takes weeks to process due to NIGO submissions, with every additional LP adding to this already arduous process.

Investor questionnaire distribution

Reduce legal costs

Our solution presents LPs with only the relevant fields as they progress through the form. This guided process drastically reduces the costly total hours spent between lawyers and LPs.

Provide a better experience for LPs

Build a trusted relationship with your LPs right from the beginning by bringing clarity and efficiency into the fund subscription process.

Reliability & Security

Security is our top priority at Anduin. We are committed to ensuring confidentiality and privacy. Data is encrypted, storage is secure, and access is strictly controlled.

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Say goodbye to static PDFs, incorrectly completed forms, scanning documents, emailing back and forth, and hefty legal fees. Anduin partners with fund formation attorneys to customize and convert the logic of a PDF file into an interactive investor questionnaire.
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